Facebook Movie in the Works



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Now who is going to watch that trash?



lol thats bs!!!!!!! wtf makes anyone think that this would actually work. Oh yah guys have you seen that new facebook movie? NO!!!!!!!!! Whats next oh yah an airbender movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone seen the new transformers? Its a good movie but everything computer like has samsung, lg, or shitsco labled on it. lol

2 hour commercial!!! but you do get to see a crappy linksys wirless router torn from the wall by a giant robot.



This is so flucking stupid! I hope that it bombs so badly at the boxoffice, that it gets pulled from theaters, and no one wants to pirate it. This is just sad... so very sad...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Stories like this are meant to be made into documentaries that air at some obscure early hour on History Channel 70+ years after the event and close to, or right after, the person(s) in question have died.

 Crap like this is NOT meant to be made into a Hollywood movie.


That being said, Western society has degraded to a point where this film will likely do quite well, in which case I will die a little more that day.




They are trying too hard. I will boycott this movie for the simple fact I don't think it should be made. It will give other people ideas for stupid movies. What next? The Land Of Tweets ( twitter)? *rolls eyes*



I might go see that movie as long as the characters are only alowed 140 characters of dialog at a time.



This movie is going to beinteresting but is going to bomb on the BIG screen 

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