Facebook IPO Delayed Until Late 2012



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Sorry, double post. Posting here has been screwy tha last few days.



Just a guess but just like Groupon perhaps they have had a dip in earnings and they want to do whatever to fix it before the IPO opening price is set. Anyone know who the I B is for this one?



I don't know who you think you are, but you're just blowing smoke out your ears. Nothing you're saying makes sense and its all a bunch of immature ranting. If you want people to get behind your blog, you should at the very least learn a little something about what you're talking about!


Holly Golightly

Right on time... To see the end of FaceBook... (insert evil laugh here)

I do not think they are in any sort of financial trouble. They can move right on ahead with it. The only reason why I can possibly see a delay is because they want to see if they can make more money for themselves before going public. Greed.

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