Facebook Instant Personalization Has a Security Hole, No One Shocked



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I used to spend atleast 1-2 hours per day on Facebook when it was much simpler and uncluttered - it was the reason why I chose FB over Myspace. Now, it's gotten way too cluttered, messy, and complex. All of these app requests, games, telling me to join these groups, surveys....are you serious? And now, on FB mobile, the only thing I see on my News Feed are updates to artists that are on my Favorite-Musics lists: like where Usher is performing and if I wanna buy tickets. I spend less than 10 minutes per day now on FB. It's gotten too obtrusive.



I turned the Personalization crap off the moment they added that stupid feature. Facebook is trying to make the world my friend. Facebook needs to leave the social networking to a personal choice. 



Nothing about "lack of security and privacy" shocks me anymore with Facebook. They have gone from a pretty kool site to to a WTH were they thinking when they changed that site in 18 months.

Some change is horrible and ineffective and Facebook shows us that on a regular basis.

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