Facebook Given Five Years to Live



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Facebook Users= shallow, superficial people that don't have the ability to think for themselves (followers of what everybody else does). The number of shallow "friends" they accumulate is intended to stroke their ego, their need for affirmation ("do you accept me?"- "Am I somebody?").

Sad, sad, sad.

This is THE only explanation. Replies contrary to this are a waste of your time, or the equivalent of slinging waste products into your own face.  Don't waste your time- I will not be back to see your little comments! Ta ta!



I can't remember very clearly but I thought I read somewhere that Google had/has plans to release a similar social networking site?

If so maybe they'll be the first to take a chunk of Facebook's current member base?



You don't exactly have to be Kreskin to make these predictions, now do you?



Die facebook. Just die.



Five years is much too long to wait....



Cole's crystal ball didn't just predict the inevitable demise of Facebook, it also revealed a future in which few newspapers will survive, and that the iPad would reign supreme as the most popular tablet.

Wow, Cole is a genius.  He predicted the iPad would be most popular.  No one could have predicted that!  Symbian is currently the most popular mobile OS with Android not so far behind.  But the iPhone is still the most popular device.  For the exact same reason, the iPad will be the most popular tablet, but the combined array of Android or even Chrome OS devices may beat the iPad in the end.  It doesn't take Nostradamus to figure that one out.

And I'm not so sure about his facebook prediction.  I'd like to see it go away because it's kind of a messy product, but it's pretty damn integrated into everything now.  It's hard to imagine something will swoop in and replace all of that in just 5 years.



Facebook is a great address book, a great way of seeing what friends and acquaintances are up to. I only look at every week or two, but I do like the fact it's there. I probably put a few photos up every few months as well, especially if a big event happens. I will continue to use Facebook for as long as it is good at these things. I have no real interest in "liking" certain things, or facebook chatting, or playing facebook games. Seems like something younger people would be more into (I'm 27, FYI) The minor interest I might have in some of those things is negated by their sketchy privacy issues.

The problem with Facebook right now, it seems, is that most of the developments seem to cater to the hardcore Facebook users, who are mostly teenagers or social network butterflies. I'm not sure that's a good way to go. Facebook attracted a lot of users because it was more professional and wasn't like Myspace. It should remember that.



Definitely agree with the findings. After all, what can you do on FB that's actually constructive? aside from exchanging a few messages, there's nothing. No search outside the site, no sales, no uploading and downloading of useful content (just pictures and videos) just a placeholder for your digital arse.

You look at services like Yahoo, Google, Ebay, etc, yes they experiece swings in user population, but unlike the mentioned myspace and bebo, which were facebook before there was facebook, they have never completely died out, or really even ~radically~ changed form/direction. (well, except MSN, but that's just further proof that microsoft never really graduated to the internet age; and AOL, which never got passed the dialup era)

If FB wants to remain relevent beyond this one-time user peak, it needs to start introducing REAL functionality like a sales portal, real trackable communications, real privacy security, and consequences for partner-vendors; not just an exapnasion of its existing click-fiend messaging structure with the promised option to drop in MS Office at some point in the future with no word of what value that actually adds; to the site and stop living of the carcass of repeatedly raping user privacy for advertising data. Otherwise this future is exactly what will come to pass, exactly like happened to its predecessors, it'll just be one more also-ran scrambling for revenue as people move on to the next big thing.



My friends and I used FB extensively in college. But now, it's sparse. I can't even remember the last time I uploaded a new picture. And it seems the only people who use it extensively (constant updates) are those who have nothing to do in the office or are just bumming around.



Most of my friends (myself included) have already blown it off.  After 3 months of novelty wears off, it becomes a pain in the rear.

But then again, most teenagers lives revolve around FB, so who knows.  ;)



Assuming you're at least late 20's early 30's by your statement about facebook and teens, I'm going to say it's pointless for that age group to join facebook.  When you've settled down, live with one other spouse, and go to a job for 8 hours and have an occasional weekend to get drunk and complain about your job, that doesn't seem very condusive to social networking.  Your friend's status updates would be: "just got to work! getting coffee! got back from work! at the gym! watching tv with my wife!".  It's never anything fun or crazy, and adults are paranoid about the privacy concerns anyways because fox news tells them so.  The reason you don't like facebook is because your social life/facebook activity of your friends is unchanging and/or dull.



Wow you really hit the nail on the head.  Let me point out how ridiculous you sound.  So far you've said:

  • Everyone who doesn't like facebook has a dull social life
  • Adults are boring and never do anything fun
  • Privacy concerns are Fox News propaganda

That's quite a bit of ignorance you've managed to display there in one post.  Well done.



I totally agree with Machew100 100%. 


I would avoid calling others ignorant because they have a differenet opinion than you do. I'm just sayin... Machew100 is probably more like me, asocial. Not anti-social, not a social-bug, but asocial. As for me, I could pretty much give a hoot if you made chilli for the first time ever in life, and I don't want to waste the time of my day reading something so trivial and trite. Likewise, I'll never share something like that. Some people, like my girlfriend, constantly feel the need for human/social connection. There's nothing wrong or rediculous or ignorant about that, it's human nature man. Figure it out.



Aparently you completely missed the point of why stradric was calling machew100 ignorant. It has nothing to do with the fact that machew100 uses facebook and stradric doesn't. It is because machew basically tried to roll all "adults" into the same catagory of being boring automotons that have no life and just mindlessly work and sleep day in and day out. To assume that adults have no life and are not social when he probably isn't old enough to comprehend an adults daily activities does in fact make him ignorant.

Lets take me for example. I am 30 years old. I am married. I have a mon-fri job. The majority of my friends are roughly the same age and also have steady jobs and a spouse. The majority of them also use facebook and update their pages frequently. I also have friends my age with very active social lives that refuse to use facebook. Not because they are borring and have nothing to say, but because, for their generation facebook isn't "cool."

So, how about we stop trying to group everyone into one catagory. Don't assume adults, especially ones who don't use facebook, have no lives. And I won't assume every teenager on here sounds like a chipmunk, has rampant acne, and dreams of the day they get to touch a real boob.

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