Facebook Game-Maker Zynga Encourages Education With New PrivacyVille Game



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When we say it's a new game, we should say it's a new "game 646-205 it's more of a tour and not really all that fun when you get down to brass tacks. You'll learn about all aspects of Zynga's policies in PrivacyVille, 350-030 including advertising, email communications, security, technical info and more



elderly folk need to stop using Facebook.  Then we won't have to hear about companies like Zynga doing stupid crap like this.



who said it was just the elderly?

personally, if I wanted any of the games offered on here, I'd prefer to have them elsewhere.

education and facebook just don't go together either, I've heard a lot of people asking about how to bypass filters to get to facebook... its the only site I ever hear that someone wants to get to.

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