Facebook Flaw Exposed Private User Photos



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funny wasnt the CIO or someone like that a few days ago claiming Zuckerberg was the pioneer of Privacy. everyone pretty much had a good laugh at her. I wonder how she could spin this to make FB look even better at privacy control. 


I am so glad I never belong to that cultral wasteland. 



Yet another reason to not have Facebook, which I don't.



No, it's another reason not to have "private" photos online and expect them to be private.

Congrats on your decision not to have a Facebook account though. The nation is proud of you.


MdX MaxX

I don't put anything on the Internet that I expect not to be seen.

Yeah, someone can potentially see my credit card number, but I can just get that cancelled.  I certainly won't be storing any embarrassing photos in the cloud, though (not that I have any).

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