Facebook to Finally Announce Music Streaming Service in September



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Facebook this facebook that....

Fuck off!

Wish all this social networking crap would stop making the news, nobody cares (except the nobodies).


Holly Golightly

Ugh, to hell with FaceBook! I will stick to my Zune with unlimited downloads... Thank you very much!

I would not pay for FaceBook music services, and I would not use it even if it were for free because, they would only know they type of music I listen to and then sell my "personal" information to them.

Thankfully I have Ad Blocker running on both FireFox and Chrome, and FaceBook Destroyer so I never have to see another FaceBook plug in every again. No more Look at pictures of fools using the service. 

Anyhow, I am happy with what I got now, which is a smart DJ to help me discover new songs. Thank God for Ad Blockers.



if you use firefox then check out Ghostery.

very effective



Totally agree -

Just the thought of Facebook and some sort of music service together is repulsive !

Disgusting I tell ya -)

Holly Golightly is most Rightly -)


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