Facebook Dominated by US Users



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The graph is not as meaningful as compared to a percentage of those on line in a nation using Facebook, or total population.

For example, In the UK, penetration is ahead of US.  almost 1 in 2 of those in the UK are on Facebook.  US, only 1 in 2.5.  Italy is almost 1 in 2 and ahead of the US

Where is China... Is Facebook blocked there?


Keith E. Whisman

This kind of information is actually important to you? Really? LOL....



If you look at it as a percentage of the countries population the graph isn't so lopsided. Still, astounding numbers!

UK - 45%

Canada - 45%

Italy - 43%

USA - 42 %


Keith E. Whisman

Good god almighty. 99.9999999999999 percent of facebook users are losers, so that means facebook users are losers. 

If you want to network, why not do it the old fashioned way, like join a moose lodge, the Illuminati, ManBLA, or become a Free Mason. Don't you guys learn anything from watching the Simpsons? 



All the wisdom you need to know is in South Park.

There and in the captha's.

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