Facebook Dodges Fine in Privacy Settlement with FTC



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Considering the amount of money FB has made and continues to make off of user's "private" info, this hurts them how really? F*ckerburg never cared much about privacy anyway.

Friends don't let friends use FB.



and I see nothing in there about "not allowed to opt customers into new services, nor allowed to change privacy settings or terms of service without advanced notice"

go ahead, spank them with another wet noodle, FCC



I agree with Rosch. The fines are considered as the cost of doing business by these companies. Let them face an onslaught of lawsuits from users because of their dishonest practices and abuse of user privacy and they will truly feel the pain. Greedy a$$ companies - enough is never enough! You're printing money as it is, so why do you feel the need to infringe upon the privacy of your users???



Simply because they can. Marketing user information is the currently Holy Grail of the internet.

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