Facebook Considers Lifting Ban on Kids Under 13 Years Old



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Give the kids a reason to go outside and play already!



well......hello Myspace....



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The thing is, it's not like those rules actually stop anyone.



The tar pit expands.



"Goo ga ga boo"
Me: I really wish Facebook would have been more specific about how young kids under 13 were allowed.

"Be daba go potty!"
Me: How did you even fill out the sign up forms!

Me: Freaking parents. The worst part is that he has three times more friends than I do.



Yeah, this is a bad decision all the way around. Yes, there are kids under 13 on FB, but right now they're more the exception than anything I'd imagine. Just like kids who want to break every other rule in the book, be it looking at porn, under-age drinking, etc. Turning it into the norm is just going to open the floodgates to everything the talking heads scream about when they pretend they're protecting the children. It will give ~them~ more excuses to pass more draconian laws.

And, it also opens the floodgates also on mom and dad being stuck with the bills when the kid wants to buy that tractor on farmshill or extra turns at mafia conflicts. How often do we hear the horror stories about little suzie blasting the hell out of her minutes and leaving mom and dad on the hook with a $2,000 phone bill?

And, of course, at the end of the day, it deludes mom and dad into thinking they're being proactive parents, by looking over their kid's shoulder instead of holding actual conversations with them about internet safety and communications. "Why, I don't have to talk to billy about the internet, I have access to his friends list!"

at the end of the day, keeping kids off of FB may be a losing battle, but it's still better than just throwing in the towel and turning them into another profit making venture to please the shareholders.

of course, YMMV



My thoughts exactly! Good post:)



Considering I know several people whose pets have their own FB page, the restriction seems superfluous. Obviously it doesn't actually "restrict" accounts to real people over the age of 12, so why maintain the silly ruse? Let parents do the parenting they are supposed to be doing, and be held ultimately accountable for anything their children post.

@USRaging - I agree wholeheartedly that people constantly "checking in" while far from home is a huge invitation for burglary. But there is an epidemic lack of "think before you post" in today's instant-gratification generation. They will only learn the hard way after they lose some possessions, if they ever learn at all.



i can see this as a bad decision considering you hear about people giving their addresses out on facebook and than post something like im going to be on vacation "this is just asking for it".



It doesn't matter what you do. Do rules ever really stop idiots from being idiots?

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