Facebook Co-Founders Blaze in on Marijuana Debate



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They must find it difficult... Those who have taken authority as the truth, Rather than truth as the authority.


I see what Major Dilly is saying... You'd have to be naive to think that those taxes will directly go to fixing importanting things like roads and social infrastructure and not into the hands of the greedy politicians imposing them.



Why are we still living in an archaic North America? US / Canada need to get with it. Legalize and tax, think about how much money is saved from not sending out these drug task forces over a kid with a joint, and then think about how much money could be made from selling legally and taxing the crap out of it (like they do with cigarettes and alcohol).

Not to mention the medical benefits to those who aren't eligible for a prescription (works wonders for a migraine), and since when has the herb ever been known to cause death? Alcohol kills. Alcohol makes people do stupid things. Cigarettes kill. Cigarettes cause cancer, lung problems etc.

This just goes to show the age levels of our current politicians, living in the world of yesterday... things will never change until the political force gets younger.


Major Dilly

Hey, just another way to make fortunes on the backs of the people trying to escape the realities of those who exploit the desperation of of the same that they led astray.

Another Facebook BS campaign that people should realize is backed by Gnomes who write the crap that they espouse, only to benefit themselves and tap into what they think is hip and in reality is another way to make more money for a loser who thinks that Facebook is some sort of a revolution when it is just the same old S@#t , and if you look behind the mirror you see a complete idiot pulling the strings. 



So you have foregone the ganja and gone straight to huffing paint fumes?  Maybe if you toked up a couple times you wouldn't be so damn uptight.




You ftars are why this is thriving so well. The people who have donted large sums to it are those who would make very signifcantly much more each year FROM IT. Idiot.





This is for you...



Everyone that read your comment is now dumber.



Whether you believe it should be legalized or not, there's little question that the proper legalization, taxing, and distribution of Pot (control much like alchohol), would end wars and fix economies.

Or, worst case, people will be so high they don't care any more.  Pass the chips :)



If taxes were going to fix anything, then CA would be the most "fixed" stat in the union. We all god dam know that even if this passes there will still be more pot holes in the streets than in all the pipe shopes in all of Cali. And no, the Oakland police will still not respond to your 9/11 calls.



The only complete idiot I see here is you.

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