Facebook Apps Have Been Leaking Private Data for Years



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Holly Golightly

...Wow, another proud reason not to use FaceBook at all. To be honest with you, I feel it is a fad. I do not see what people see in that social network that they must have it embedded into every single device. I mean, FaceBook on TV? Are you for real? Sometimes fads go too far!



I think most adults see it for what it is, but today's kids are growing up in a world where things like texting, online chatting or social networking is popular and "cool". They're the ones that make things like Facebook popular in the first place. It wasn't too long ago that MySpace was cool and look where it's at now. I think Facebook will be around a lot longer though because of all the adoption it's gotten from businesses and big corporations. Social networking in general is "in" right now.

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