Face the Music: iTunes Faces Chinese Ire for Selling Pro-Tibetan Album



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The upside:  American swimmer Michael Phelps winning an astonishing 8 gold medals, Jamaican Usain Bolt's record shattering blitzes across the finishlines, to Russian-American Nastia Liukin's spectacular performances (just examples here, so many notable finishes by so many athletes).

The downside: the IOC's choosing of the most polluted city in the most brutally oppressive nation on Earth (a naked money grab by the IOC), the IOC looking the other way while China forged passports for 12 and 14 year old gymnasts to illegally compete, IOC chairman Rogge's shameful on-air bashing of Usain Bolt's playful, harmless, and DESERVED celebration of his record breaking finishes (heck yeah!  If I just shattered a world speed record I'd be celebrating too!), and let's not forget, NBC's classless blackout of the opening ceremonies for the West Coast in a shameless money grab of their own.  The IOC running this Olympics is without a doubt the most corrupt bunch I've ever seen.

All in all, I'll call it a wash, saved mainly by some of the most memorable performances by the athletes.




Keith E. Whisman

You know the Nazis were very careful to censor anything that was'nt pro nazi. Like the Chinese gov't the Nazis actively hunted down and arrested anyone that they thought may one day do or say something in opposisition to the government.




I really hate to condemn views a nationality holds dear, but my goodness...  All their government is doing with these theatrics is essentially giving the album free publicity and promotion...  Just like telling a kid he can't have that candy bar on the table...  You're gonna leave the room eventually and the first thing that kid's gonna do is eat the damn candy.

Not that it would be guaranteed to work, but it would probably be more effective for them to just pretend it doesn't exist.  At least that wouldn't make it worse.

Not like I think it's even fair in the first place that they don't won't people to see/hear pretty much anything "pro-Tibet"...  But I'm not touchin' that can o' worms.



apple will most likely fold like google and yahoo and just not show the album to chinese ip addresses

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