Fable Creator Peter Molyneux is Leaving Microsoft; Lionhead Studios Loses Its Head



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frankly, I have never cared much for Peter's games. I doubt that this will be any sort of loss for anyone, just another layer of overhead out of the way.



Peter IMO is one of the greatest developers out there today. Peter's visions alone topped so many other developers out there it wasn't even funny. Fable has to be one game that i have had the most emotional attachment to and that is due to Peter.

Yes, "Fable" does have It's flaws (Combat & No Difficulty were the big ones for me :) ) but what it lost in flaws it found in story and emotion. Peter made it so that when you played Fable you had an emotional attachment to your character. He gave you the ability of choice and those choices impacted on how things went in the end.

Having to choose at the end of "Fable 2" whether or not to let all the ones you loved stay dead and bring back everyone else that had died in the chaos was such an emotional part of a game for me. It brought me to tears to let my Dog (I named after my Dog in RL) stay dead and the ones I loved and lost to not come back while everyone else did. Though there were some chars that I loved in the game that did come back but not the ones you had the most love for.

But it made me fill like a real Hero kinda like Jesus when he died and shed his blood to save me/everyone :) ( That's my Belief and not everyone believes the same and I'm not judging anyone so don't judge me lol ). He gave up everything for us in order for us to have everything. It was a great filling, lets just leave it at that lol. That was choice and It was awesome to have that ability in a game and to have such a great affect on the ending.

I know alot of games now a days have choices but "Fable 2's" choices had such a great impact on the game. People may not admit this about playing "Fable 2" but i will. You didn't have to make that choice of letting your loved ones die but I did and it was heart felt and i loved this game for that and it was all because of Peter and his desire for emotion and choice in a game.

I can only imagine how great of a game it would be if they took the emotion and choice of "Fable" and combined it with the fighting mechanics, quests and the Huge World of "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning". But who knows what Peter has in store for us in the future.

This is my opinion and not everyone will agree and that is OK. But do not be so quick to judge Peter on a game that didn't meat you expectations. Remember Peter is a developer and all games have teams so the rating of the final product should not rest all on Peter's shoulders alone but everyone that had a hand it.

Remember, this is not a slam or a smack-talk post in order to try and start some chat fight that never ends. Hopefully you can look past my bad spelling and use of grammer and find some truth in this post.

This is my opinion and you don't have to agree with me. But I am truly sad to see Peter go and i know others will to. I wish him the best.



Can't agree with you there. Populous, Black & White, and Syndicate alone make for an impressive resume.



Good for Peter. Maybe getting Mickey$oft's accountants off his back will allow him to return to creating truly innovative games. I will always think of him as the creator of Syndicate, quite possibly the best PC game ever made.

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