Eye-Fi Unveils Bigger, Better, Faster Wireless SD Card



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I'm still trying to figure out whether you can wirelessly upload photos directly to your own computer without uploading them to any internet site.  Call me a privacy nut, but I want them on my computer, not someone else's.  Anyone have the answer?



Well, just use the usb cable



Do we really need this?



I bought one last year for my Mother to easily transfer her pictures to her computer.  The wifi upload feature does require pictures to be uploaded to their website for storage so when you log in to the eyefi software on your PC it can automatically put them in a folder on your PC.  How else would they do it privately?  It seems to me no matter what it's going to be on a server somewhere.  I suppose encryption would be a solution but how do you verify it is really secure encryption?

Personally, I think it's a nice gadget but not something I need since I know how to use a usb cable to download pictures from my camera.  The models with GPS sound neat too and that could be pretty useful since flickr and other websites support gps data I believe.

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