Ex-Vista Exec's Solo Album Debut Doesn't Make Up for Poor Vista Launch



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Well, gotta give him some credit, he can definitely play guitar well.  That first track is pretty good, I liked it.  But that was it, the rest of the album was pretty cheezy and old fashioned.  But, he has the money, and thats obviously what he wants to do.  Maybe some older folks will like it.  More power to him and them, I say.



If passing a kidney stone had a soundtrack, this is what it would sound like. I guess it's not the absolute worst music I've ever heard, but his guitar tone IS the worst I've ever heard! It sounds like he's playing through a stack of icepicks instead of Marshall's!!!



For those of us who can appreciate music regardless of what era its from, I'd say its not bad, definitely not the worst I've ever heard. If this were the 70s or 80s he'd certainly be getting a better reception though.



Horrible, but I wouldn't call it the worst album ever. I would never ever listen to it in a million years though. I couldn't get past the first ten seconds.



the music wasn't good, but i wont' say it's really horrible. it's just slightly below average. just a wild guess here, but i think the albem will recieve much better reviews if the reviewer didn't know who made it(or vista did really well). both of the reviews listed there were extremely bias, in fact the article was extremely bias.



Maybe that was cool 20 or 25 years ago...

That's prolly what was cool on the radio when he was in high school...

(I wouldn't know. I avoid that era like the plauge.)


At least he can play an electric... he just needs to update his sound a bit. Ok, a lot!



It's horrible but to call it the "Ishtar" of music is a little harsh. I have heard much, MUCH worse so let the man do his thing. "Enigma", mmmmmm, you would think an executive could have come up with a better name. There are literally thousands of bands, songs, and albums already named that. I'm just stupified!



Oh come on, why can't an old man still rock out? Let his family buy his CD's and allow his grandkids to pretend they think their grandad is "cool" so the man can die in peace.



I won't argue that the music is bad but to call it one of the worst albums one has ever heard is pretty ridiculous.

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