'Extraordinary Demand' Delays HP Slate 500 Shipments Extraordinarily



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Keith E. Whisman

In a few months there will be a wide selection of tablets to choose from. I'm waiting to read the head to head reviews and can't wait to see how reviewers benchmark these babies. 



I was looking forward to ordering one, too. It's the only tablet that serves more along the lines of a full-fledged pc in my opinion, rather than relying on basic android apps or a stripped-down UI layer. The pen inupt is also a plus.

I can understand, and would be grateful for HP doing this, if the reason for the delay is because of a hardware glitch. I'd rather wait a bit then end up with a bug-riddled Slate, although something like that should have been caught before releasing it for orders on the website. If the problem is with on-demand manufacturing, that's unacceptable. Initially, they should have made them in bulk, and when orders begin to slow down, switch to on-demand if they really wanted to. Now they're going to lose a lot of sales because a lot of people don't want to wait that long. If they didn't expect Slates to fly out of the warehouse upon release, they must be really in the dark. Guess now it's looking like early 2011 for the slate after all.

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