Extensions Look Imminent for Google Chrome



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I like the way the article states "that Chrome extensions don't, yet slow down the browser".  Sure with just 2 it's going to slow down. 

I tried using Chrome, and a few things bothered me.  One, is I don't like a stripped down browser.  I prefer to have my bookmarks on the side.  I have a 24" wide screen monitor, and have plenty of real estate for it.  Why waste all that space.  Also, I hate that you can't stop a loading site.  As far as I can tell, once you click on a site, it will continue load unless you close the browser.  Both Windows Explorer and Firefox allow you to stop the downloading of a site.  A number of times I have hit the wrong link, and started to download a site I did not want, and it was taking a goodly amount of time to download.  Had to close Chrome to stop it.  Also, I have had no problems with the speed of Firefox, and did not see a great improvement with Chrome.  I would like to see the new version of Firefox with independent process for each tab, but it is not a deal breaker.



I've been using extensions in the dev build of Chrome for about a month now. They work pretty well, and yes there is an Adblock+ extension (although it doesn't work as well as the firefox one.)



Once they get adblock I am switching from Firefox to Chrome, until then, I do not really care at all about other browsers.



Extensions are a slippery slope, and it looks like Google understands this.

On the one hand, extensions let you use your browser in a new way. On the flipside however, extensions can create security holes, slow down the browser, and add clutter to the screen. Chrome is an  elegantly simple browser, and although I'm an Opera user, I use Chrome quite a bit.  

A poorly implemented extension system could really take away from the Chrome experience. Google has done amazing work in the past, so I'll say that I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm not counting on extensions to be the revolution that Chrome has been looking for.


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