Extensions for Google Chrome Coming, Detailed in New Developer Design Doc



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sticking with firefox.



I am looking forward to Chrome getting extensions.  I use FF3 most of the time, but every once in a while I will use Chrome.  Inevitibly when I'm surfing something irritates me and I think "why is my extension not working to stop that?".  Then I remember I'm surfing in Chrome and I can't hide ads, digg with a click, or grab an image as easily as I can in FF3.

Extensions make me more productive, and doing stuff with the content you are viewing is the name of the game these days, is it not?




Google is slowly but surely taking over the world! This should be just as good as anything else they have. Like whats happening now is a slow start for Chrome but they've always had that and sooner or later (prob. more sooner) its going to explode and may even surpass the majority of the other web browsers available right now combined.

Now let's pray that they don't decide to start charging us...because lets face it...the world will be over when that happens, haha.

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