Exploit Allowed Anybody To Remove Any Website From Google



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I have been following this mag since Brad Dosland's Boot era. It really disappointed me that nowadays MaxPC editors have been constantly attacking China.

China may have closed down many websites but many of those are illegal websites that US has been complaining about! Talking about piracy, porn (which increase the criminal rate) and so on....If you want to find the main culprit, yes, it is you, the US。


China is a unique nation that due to its population, distributing of false and sensitive information would cause big instability to the nation and the world, including US. Though I don't like to be censored but I fully understand that the China government is trying to be responsibled to it's citizens by providing them a stable environment.


Not everything US done is right, see the unfair treatment of Bradly Manning? see the ugly part of Guantanamo Bay detention camp? see the global control/attacking policy of US military, who has done many ugly thing in other nation that the US citizens have been kept in dark, secretly funding the rebellions in other nation to create instability and bloody incidents, used other nation's citizens to experiment sex disease. I have never heard of Chinese military do such kind of thing!



can someone explain to me how porn causes crime rates to rise?





  You are exactly right.  Your last sentence is the whole point.  "I have never heard of Chinese military do such kind of thing!", and you never will because the tightly controlled Chinese media won't allow it.


  Your argument that censorship is to protect the citizens is a common argument.


  In practice it turns out that more damage is done by hiding the sins of the censors instead of letting the light of freedom shine equally on everyone.


  BTW, I think the US government has forgotten this.



China does not send their troops to other nation other than UN peaceful projects. Do you really think China have the power to cover up incidents happened in overseas? Not even US can.


Censorship is to protect the citizens is not a common argument. It is a proven fact that some of the websites are used by US military and those so call democracy activists to distribute conspiracy and false information to China to create instability. Many are doing these for their own interest. You are too naive if you really think that these things does not exist at all.


It is the same like US is censoring (or even hacking) Taleban and WikiLeaks websites.



didn't even get a chance to test the exploit.



They should have tested to see if the exploit also removed the page from Bing.



Who the hell uses bing?? :D lmao



They should have tested to see if the exploit also removed the target site from Bing.

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