Exclusive: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Interview



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The PC version is terrible...period...film-grain?...why?... WHY?!?!?  The best thing about the original FEAR was the crisp clean graphics...now I have to play thru "Mass Effect" type crap...also, physics blows...in FEAR 1, objects were part of the environment and ACTED like part of the environment...while playin just now,I melee'd a stack of papers on a shelf in an office and...ooooo...they did nothing...no movement, nothing...zzzzz....and you don't even want to hear my opinions on the HUD...plain stupid...

Also, PC controls - only 3 mouse buttons are usable?  Idiotic...and mouse sensitivity on the lowest settings is nearly unplayable (yes, I did set my mouse DPI correctly...to 400 dpi...which should be plenty low enough sensitivity to play an FPS)...

This game was made for consoles and the PC version should have not ever have been made...a useless waste of $50...and a smear on the FEAR franchise name...

 If you are wondering if you should buy this game, trust me, if you like PC FPS's...DON'T!  or at least pray that patches are released that will fix the horribleness....which is unlikely imo..



"The team knew how to make PC games but hadn’t done a console title
before, so it was easier to ensure that decisions made for the consoles
would work on the PC rather than the other way around."

 Great another fucking console port. This is another reason people complain of the PC's decline (even though it's not in decline, growth is just slower compared to the consoles). They use piracy as an excuse to release half ass console ports when the development should be the other way around. We are getting shafted though, make no mistake. If EA, Ubisoft and Activision keep up this trend they'll be left with their dicks in their hands and not a pot to piss in becasue I'll never but another inferior console system. Just to clarify there is nothing wrong with consoles they're just not for everyone. Garbage.


Also wasn't FEAR a PC and XBox360 title? Isn't the team working on this game the same ones who worked on FEAR. Yes they were. PC first, console last. That's how it's supposed to work if you want to release a good game.



I really hope I get a good computer built before I go into the airforce, I really want a chance to have a computer good enough to experience some of the newer games which I havn't had the chance yet. Now we have this F.E.A.R. coming out and I don't have one built yet. 

Im a fan of all the past F.E.A.R.'s just the thought of a scary FPS game is awesome, I love getting scared to death and I love killing <-(in game lol) so it works well. The engine looks alot better to from the screenshots or is it the same as the old ones? I've played all the past ones on lowest settings though so Idk how the graphics really are :[, unfortunately. 

As for the DRM, Im definately AntiDRM but I have never ran into a problem cause by the DRM on anything yet, so I guess Im in good shape.



have I been so captivated by a game.  Sure I probably logged many more hours on Morrowind or Ultima VII, but games like this stand out in a way you never seem to forget.  Monolith develops amazing games.  I can't explain why, but somehow they manage to actually create an element of fear for the player.  I can't really think of any other games, or for that matter any movies, that have actually frightened me in recent years.  Doom 3 was a terrible disappointment.  That's right I said it.  Startling me every time I flip a switch is not my idea scary or enjoyable, and I'd been hooked on 3D shooters ever since the original Doom.  In fact it was so annoying, I never played it through.

I also think it's really important that they touched on the open ended vs. linear gameplay.  While I generally much prefer open ended, FEAR was an absolute masterpiece.  I think we'd all agree that Half-Life 2 was an incredible game, but then again I haven't actually had a desire to play it again like I have with FEAR.  



Man, that was a great game.  Alas, it is highly unlikely I will ever be able to play the new one.  I have deemed my PC an "Invasive DRM" free zone.  I have Steam, and that is the only form of DRM allowed on my PC.  If they release it on Steam with no additional 3rd party DRM, I will snap it up in a heart beat.  If the the only other options are retail with something evil like any flavor of SecureROM, or anthing else like that, then I am going to have to pass.  I refuse to play another FPS on my console.  Its a terrible experience.



maybe they can beef up the online play. and take that stupid forrest map out, gd i hate that map, thats the only one everybody ever plays for the pc version and it SUCKS. also i always seem to get killed with 1 shot yet it takes about 6-7 to kill the other person. lame.



i saw some developer's vid on the game trailers podcast thing on zune marketplace and i believe they confirmed a trilogy.


I Jedi

I, too, just started to play F.E.A.R. and then this happens. Ironic. 



Funny, literally last night I installed and started to play FEAR.  My brother got it for me when it first game out, and I couldn't get very far, it simply scared the crap out of me (ahh I was young back then....). I would say it is pretty darn fun.  Obviously if you put it to todays standards it is not spectacular, but I love the slomo and some of the effects still look pretty damn good.  Luckily this playthrought isn't nearly as scary! I after I hack through this I was going to try to pick up a copy of Persus Mandate in preparation for FEAR 2!



Careful, the two expansion packsare not 'official' extensions of the story. Sierra just owned the rights to the name and tried to bank off it. Not to say they're terrible games. A little slow at first (ie. boring), but I ended up enjoying them none-the-less.



...find a Flannery O'Connor form of redemption or find redemption at the end BFG in yet another generic climatic final "boss fight". Let us hope it is the former rather than the latter.



Fear was great, then it hit a wall. Then another. Then it fell down the hole.

It was great the first time and was great, but it's flaws bled through like stains on a white shirt. That d*** securom/ security software couldn't read my disc at all (even though I used cracks) and just the fact that it tries to install DX9c no matter what the state of your system was were big problems to me. 

 Just hope they do something that is NEW, not "recycled" in the greatest way possible.

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