Exceleram Serves Up 32GB of "Grand" RAM for Sandy Bridge-E



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coolness!!! hopefully this would be price correctly when its available.



How much RAM is enough for Photoshop, encoding video, and new games?




i think it’d be as much ram as your system can fit.

recently, i happen to monitor memory usage amount, via Windows Task Manager, when working on Adobe Premiere. While scrubbing the time line; (as in vigorously running the play-head back and forth) memory usage climbed up pretty fast. it hit about 13GB+ at one time. However, when hitting the play button, memory usage dropped back to about 6GB+.

Hmmm…. Ram is like $$$, cant have too much of it though… Cheers!!!



I still find it funny that people actuialy buy "Extreme" or "Gaming" RAM when the performance difference is minimal (0-9% - or less) but the cost is 1.5-2x.

If you don't believe me, check these out:




Yep you are right. It's actually one of those things that marketing departments came up with. There are lots of examples of this sort of thing. Take video games for adults for instance. I remember the days when games were only played by children. An adult would never admit to playing video games. It would be considered childish and shameful. Nowadays even adults play games and are proud of it too. How did that happen? How did those taboos break down? I guess it's all because of marketing. Adults are the ones earning money so if you can get them hooked on gaming you can make much much more money than if you just target kids. That's why top games make more money than movies nowadays.



because those children back then grew up to be today adults? lol

but yeah


most people just want pretty looks on the heatsink, they'd careless about speed

slap an awesome-fire-breathing-claws-slashing-wings-flapping-dragon heatsink on a stick and I bet it'd still sell for $300 per stick

and I'm not sure but Is/Should the "Gaming" ram gone through more tests before ship or something?



Only 1333MHz 9-9-9-24, yet 32GB? I'd prefer 8GB 1600MHz 7-7-7-21 or something, probably cheaper and much more useful. Oh, btw I don't know of any "Sandy Biridge" socket. Typo...



I agree, the only thing these ram have going for it self is the huge 8GB per stick. i dont know why any "enthusiast" would get these? maybe if it was atleast 1866 or something then CL9 would be fine. I think the only people who would get these are either people who actually need 32gb of ram (not gamers) or people who are easily impressed with numbers.



Paul Lilly is a humanoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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