EVGA's Newest Fermi Card Sports a Backplate, Custom I/O Bracket



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Even though backplates are shiny, cool and lickable, I'm still holding out for revision 2.0 on Fermi.



EVGA normally sells stuff like this on the website. You may just need to give them time to get enough in stock.

Your Mother was a hampster and your Father smelled of elderberries.  Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.



I already own an eVGA GTX 480 SuperClocked and would like to add this new backplate and io shield to it.  I hope eVGA makes it available to existing customers through their online store.

 I previously was running a GTX 260 that had a backplate and had some defective RAM-sinks melt off my RAM and rest on the video card.  The backplate save the video card from shorting out.  Cooling and aesthetics aside, I just want that extra protection for my hefty video card investment.

 I also saw a rumor over on the nVidia forums that  eVGA would be making these backplates available free of charge to existingGTX 480 owners. While that would be excellent I would settle for paying a reasonable price for it.  Say $10 to $15 for registered owners of the card?


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