EVGA UV Plus 39 Allows You To Add 1080p Displays Using USB 3.0



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If a system has USB 3.0, I strongly suspect it already has DVI or HDMI output.



speaking as someone who uses MANY screens, and even 4 monitors isn't enough, I find USB adapters very useful.

For example at work, my laptop only supports 2, (IBM thinkpad) and working with just 2 isn't my thing when I am used to 6 at home.

So i got a few of these and just plopped in 2 more screens, its great, granted its only USB 2.0, its more then perfect for working with MS Excel, reading emails, browsing the net, even PowerPoint, the only time you can tell its not a direct monitor is when you try to play fullscreen video on it, then it becomes noticeable.



I agree, it would be slick if monitors also supported a USB connection. Right now that would add about $50 to the cost of a monitor.

But if everyone did it as a standard, it would probably lower the cost to around 15$ more for USB support. Which would make the monitor VERY handy, make the speakers work on the same usb also, so its portable.

After that, why not make them just WiFi! NOW THAT! I would love to see. WiFi touchscreens, just join them to the network using the touchscreen interface, and then use the software on your machine to take control of them, would be great for certain things. like putting screens in hard to reach or cable spots. right now if you want to do that you need a $100 micro computer, like one of those ARM or Atom systems thats the size of your wallet. but oh well.

A lot of monitors have USB hubs in them, which can be handy sometimes.

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a monitor with a Speaker system, AND Mic, all on a USB. so when you plug it in, you can play games and talk on team speak, and it automatically filters out the sounds from your games and team speak, so that when you talk, its as good as wearing a headset.

Another neat feature would be a monitor with Bright multicolor LED back lights for ambient effects. (from the back of the screen) to make your room/office have mood likes or glows from video games, Phillps has already made a kit that is pretty cool for that.



Why not just integrate it into new monitors? Less clutter, guaranteed support...



Monitors already have guaranteed support, never seen one that was "incompatible'. And the problem lies in that the graphics chip is in the USB device instead of the pc, limiting your graphics power to whatever the USB thing give you. This would make monitors go out of date very fast, and be almost useless to gamers or anyone else who relies on high-performance graphics. There could be a market for such things in some business environments though, particularly stock brokers and such. Lots of monitors without lots of extra video cards.



Thing is that if you're a gamer, your card probably has at least two outputs. If you're *not*, then you're probably rocking an onboard VGA connector and have no room to expand. THAT user would benefit from a monitor with USB interface, and it would be convenient as an additional display for systems already maxing out their outputs.

I've seen people buying more video card than they need just to get more monitor outputs. That's the application I was thinking of.

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