EVGA Updates Precision Overclocking Tool, Adds Multi-GPU Support



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It's a nice feature that they included multi-GPU support...but why?  I can't think of why I would ever run one card at a higher clock than another one, especially if they're in SLI.  At best, you wouldn't see any improvements (weakest link thing), and at worst, you might experience a lot of corruption, possibly even damage to your video cards.



I can think of two reasons off the top of my head:

1) Keith's dead-on about the fan control. Having the ability to tweak each indvidual card's fan speed can come in handy if one has a tendency to overheat faster than the other (think of a second card crammed between the bottom of the case and another card directly above it).

2) If you need to disable SLI for whatever reason, you can still OC the 'better' card for a performance boost.


Keith E. Whisman

Have you tried using the nvidia OC control panel to even adjust the fan speeds on both your video cards in a SLI setup? I did everything I could an whenever I restarted the computer things went back to default. I tried everything. It's about time this has been made easy. I have an EVGA GTX 280 and I love this little program. Works great.



When i got my new comp from IBP, got the 9600gt, and it came with this on the drivers disc, I wanna OC my card with it..but man the fans loud. Whats a good temp to run at, im currently running at 37 Celcius with like 700 core clock..I havent touched shaders or memry yet..

This is nice for beginners lol


Keith E. Whisman

Just keep your temps at or below 50C and you'll be fine. The temps will increase as your video card starts working in 3D gaming. 

I've got a GTX280 and it's really loud.

What I use are presets with my num pad. I have the default fan speed assigned to num pad 1 and then I increase by 10% for each number. When i'm gaming I set it to 90% and if I start noticing glitching I'll got to num pad 7 that is 100%.

Thing is that my apt here in Phoenix, Arizona gets warm. It's hot here in the desert. I have to set my t-stat to about 65' F and that is freaking cold for me. 74' seems just right for me but my GTX280 gets really hot at the stock speeds. So for me it's my environment.

Do some research on your video card and over clock very slowly. If you can get like 10 to 20mhz more then that is good. You have alot going against you here. Just take your time. Do some research. Google search OC my video card. MPC has done articles on this. But one word of advice is to do your research first as nobody likes to help a noob that barely knows how to use the mouse do anything advanced that can destroy your hardware.

Basically befor venturing into downloading movies and oc'ing hardware you should thoroughly understand Windows. You should thoroughly know about the hardware you have in your PC.  Learn all you can about using your pc and fixing common issues befor asking for help.

I've got a friend at work that doesn't even know how to copy and paste in windows and he bombards me with questions on how to download movies from piratebay and make them work on his set top dvd player. It's very annoying telling him the same thing a dozen times in a dozen different ways and he still doesn't understand what I'm trying to tell him. He is unwilling to read books on Windows that I give him even though he said he did read them as he still can't tell me how to copy and paste in windows.

Good luck. 

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