EVGA Tempts Overclocks With The GeForce GTX 680 Classified



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John Pombrio

Well, not impossible. I managed to snag an EVGA GTX 680 Signature card last week from Newegg. Cost $529 + $7.56. the signature is an EVGA's highest overclocked air cooled 680 card under $600.



I think MPC is right on. I'm not gonna go search the internet and camp out for a card that costs me 500 bones. Newegg, Tiger EVGA.com and Amazon dont have it, uh then they are out of stock most places because those are the larger Nvidia sellers. They better hurry and get some in stock or I'm gonna have to get the ATI 7970, and I won't be that dissapointed either, ya I'd prefer the 680 but the 7970 is $50 cheaper and still a very fast card. Nvidia get on the ball boys.



Or you could just wait a bit longer to make a large financial decision? If you're so desperate to part with $500+, I could use a donation...



Almost impossible to find? MPC didn't look very hard did they? Especially when if they go to the manufacturer of the very card they are talking about they can find various flavors of the 680 in stock and for sale.

EVGA have had stock for at least a week now.



Based on the previous Classified card this should be getting MUCH better performance than a stock 680. The 580 classified was actually competing with the 680s when they launched. This is a good way to future proof your rig.

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