EVGA Launches New Double Ball Bearing Cooling Solution Dubbed ACX



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Bean Bandit

Now if they started making all there cards with this style of cooler I might go back to them. I don't care for the reference coolers at all.



Aw, looks like an awesome card. I always loved the look of their FTW Signature 2 cards.



Ugh... such a beautiful card.. cooler and all...

I just hate to screw up my airflow with these types of coolers... :'(



Hurry up with those benchmarks! I just ordered two of these from Newegg and want to see the performance.


John Pombrio

I had to go with the EVGA GTX780 Superclock card as it was still available at NewEgg (but only for a hour or so after my order).
My concern is that we KNOW how good the acoustics is for the Titan build and the GTX780 should follow right along with it. Not sure that I would be willing to trade more noise for the extra 26MHz this card provides on stock o/c. Paul, mention the sound levels of this card, would you?

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