EVGA Isn't Sweating Nvidia's Retail Push



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I have never bought a single piece of pc hardware from Best Buy, and I never will. Nothing personal against Best Buy, I purchase other items there, but who is actually going to pay an extra $40-$50 bucks retail markup for say a gtx460/470? It's not like this kind of hardware is an impulse buy to most system builders out there, and we have all specd pricing on newegg/tiger/etc.. for what we are looking at in a build. Best Buy pricing never comes into this equation.

Please just don't tell me they will be offering "Geek Squad" support for vid cards!?! "We can OC your card for $60.. How's that sound?" Lol...



...But I bet they're really sweating this big time!

The story goes that a rather large portion of EVGA's mobo team left to work for another company.

So, EVGA's motherboard side of business got tighter and now they have to compete directly against nVidia for videocard revenue? That sounds kinda sucky to me...

Remember, BFG already bit the dust...



There was a bit of a squabble happening between them last i checked... XFX only carries AMD cards now... besides, their warranty isn't that much better. The only thing i like better about XFX is that its a modder-friendly. However, lately they are not so modder-friendly or even consumer friendly since they started selling crap non-reference parts at reference part prices. That's when I stopped using XFX and traded my 5850 xxx in favor of 2 GTX 460's. I had crossfire plans for the 5850 but XFX stopped making the XXX reference model after 6 months. Pretty crappy since I paid $350 for it (too much, stupid AMD not hitting their yields made availability scarce).



XFX has double lifetime warranties, and they actually honor them. So yeah, it's just a bit better than a company that decides not to honor their warranties.



Until they decide for no legitimate reason not to honor your "lifetime" warranty. Sorry, but I will never buy another EVGA again. XFX is the way to go.



Latest loop holes include a white residue left behind manufacturing. This appears on just about everyone of their cards and they have now been using it as an excuse to void warranties. Even if the card has never been opened/altered. XFX is now officially a bad purchase.



I thought that nVidia dropped XFX...

XFX makes AMD cards now I thought...



They do. That EVGA was also my last Nvidia card. Got tired of them dying on me.

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