EVGA Doesn't Want You to Wait Around for Nvidia to Release SLI Profiles for new Games



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Keith E. Whisman

Here I'll show you how easy it is to make your own SLI game profile if one for your game does not exist yet. It's easy you don't have to wait for Nvidia or EVGA. This will only work for like Every single game out there. 

Right click on the desktop and click on the Nvidia Control Panel,

Inside Nvidia control panel click on Manage 3D settings on the left pane and then in the field on the right side it'll say Manage 3D Settings up top and there are two tabs one says Global Settings and the other says Program Settings. Go ahead and Click on Program Settings.

Uncheck the box that says Show only programs found on this computer as it's not always accurate.

To the right of that check box there is a Button Labeled Add so go ahead and click on Add. 

In the Look in: field search for Local Disk (C:) and then click on Program files and then  Search for your game and click on it's folder and then click on it's executable and then click on Open and the box will disapear and your game will be in the Program Settings games list just scroll though the games in the Select program to customize and have at it. 

 When your done you can close the window as everything is automatically saved and start your game you'll notice that in SLI your game runs alot faster if not close to twice as fast.


Keith E. Whisman

heck it's not that hard to make your own game profile in the nvidia driver control panel. But it's great to see EVGA is doing it also EVGA sent out an email with this information to all of it's customers but it's great that you guys are telling the rest of the world about it.

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