EVGA Announces Waterblock-Sporting GTX 680 Hydro Copper



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I understand the importance of growth in technology. However, this being a card most "Gamers" will want, it's sad to think a PS3 and 360 combined is less expensive. Also, in order to witness the PC out do the consoles you need next to the best hardware. I don't see PC gaming being "revived" anytime soon. Love the technology; but if we want to continue developing new things like this we will need to find a greater use than gaming. I feel sad saying it cause I was a PC gamer since Geforce2 up until the ATI 5000 series. Just can't merit the cost when I have just as much fun on a console.



Different strokes for different folks. I have much more fun on the PC than Consoles. My best friend however is the exact opposite. I own all of the consoles but I only play my Xbox. And that's when my Xbox friends ask me to.
Also you don't need the greatest equipment to beat out the consoles in graphics. Their hardware has't been upgraded since they came out for the most part. But like you say, if you can't afford PC gaming then consoles are your best choice.
I built my computer for $600 in 2009, put in another $600 worth of upgrades in 2011 and I'm about to get this graphics card now. Doesn't hurt my wallet too much. Just depends on preference.



There's more to PC gaming then just the graphics. There's so much more you can do with PC games. A lot of us "gamers" also do other things besides gaming that requires a decent PC.



Cool that it's quiet and dont' have to worry about ball bearing wearing out and such. It might get moldy though =)



They can stand out by having them in stock. :(



Uh, huh.

Hand it over.



Why are OEM's such ginormous pussies when it comes to factory overclocks? It's friggin' watercooled and they only do a 15% overclock. People are doing that with the reference cooler.



Because it isn't the Classified edition. They are coming out with a classified edition that is both air cooled and water cooled. And as always the classified edition will get performance slightly behind what a next gen card will get. (as in the 580 classified was very close to the current stock 680 speeds)



Keep an eye out. Some manufacturers are starting to play loose with the voltages and just might break through. I have heard tell of a 680 with a air cooled 1.4GHz GPU clock (memory at stock).



Because the card is having a hard time getting any higher due to voltage limitations.

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