EVGA Announces Supernova 1300 G2 Power Supply with 10 Year Warranty



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As someone who actually needs 1200W of PSU for my rig (unlike people that think crossfire 7870's = Nuclear Reactor power), I would like to know if it's a true single rail, or if it's a Seasonic "single rail" where they lied and said single rail even though it was really multi-rail with a 30A limit that is exceeded with a high end super overclocked graphics card.


John Pombrio

The same wattage as my space heater in the sunporch. I cannot imagine ever needing that big a supply without multiples of graphics cards.



Wow, that's a pretty steep price for a PSU ($230 by the way, Paul, Just click the "Buy Now" button), but considering the 10 year warranty, that's not too bad.



For what you get I think $230 is a very reasonable price.



Yes, I agree. The PSU is an extremely key component and many of the hardware failures I have had over the years were PSU based. I have been using Corsair AX 1200's and I have not had any issues with them but I will have to look at this one closely.

BTW, why does this site now take you to an Ad page when you post and they require you to sometimes re type your post? Glitchy!


The Mac

just hit back, your post will still be there, and you wont see the ad on next submission.



the 2000W PSU must be called the "collider".



I don't get the joke. However, there's almost never going to be a 2000W power supply.
Even at maximum conversion efficiency (100%, which doesn't and likely never will exist) most homes are on 15A circuits. Thus (15A x 125V)= 1875W maximum. This doesn't mean that there aren't 20A, 30A, and 50A circuits but the latter two require specialized plugs and the 20A isn't very common even among new homes. Also, even if you get close to the max, that means you'd be eating every last drop of power off that circuit. Plug in your cellphone charger and the circuit will break.

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