EVGA Announces EVBot Overclocking Tool



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I personally think this can take overclocking in a whole new direction if properly implemented, supported and made available for more than a select few pricy models. 

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I would never use anything like this.  I won't have peace of mind unless I'm doing things manually in the BIOS.  Dumb gadget if you ask me.



Regardless of tools, you can still easily fry out your board with this. It's supposed to replace the EVGA Control Panel (ECP), which only came with the X58 Classified E759 and E761, and the 4-Way SLI Board. I with my E760 was left out of that party.

I guess this is a cool toy. I guess it can be useful with on the fly adjustments, but what I want to know, is does it save settings to the BIOS? and if not, do you have to leave it connected all the time to retain your settings?

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