EVGA and Intel to Join Forces



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one more player in the market... prices will go down, yay!!



This makes it sound as if EVGA will stop selling nVidia products altogether. That would be a bad move for EVGA, not so much for nVidia, IMO.



 ....that this recession can cause mergers like this....well,my GTX280 will be the last EVGA card I buy. nVidia has done more for the graphics/motherboard industry than anyone....ever.  If consumers don't speak with their wallets, we're going to lose the best GPU/chipset maker to the server/corporate crowd.....and that indeed will be a sad day.

In actuality Intel is the root of all this evil...they've grown too big for their britches and if we don't stop Intel soon...they are going to be the ONLY company making PC's; and they damn sure won't be affordable.

The economy NEEDS competition....NOT monopolies!  By the same token I think that AMD should be forced to give up either the CPU, the chipset, or the Vid card end of their business....preferably the chipset division.

It's time for our govenment to step and put a stop to this, and I REALLY hate to say that. 

I guess there is at least one advantage to being "old as dirt".......I won't be here to see the home PC cost more than a car.

You reading this Obama?






Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



I fail to see why a company should not allowed to branch out and make multiple products. Your point seems to be that you love nvidia so much that no other manufacturer should be able to make competing products? I'm sorry, but competition drives the market. I'm not going to boycott xfx because they want to carry more than just nvidia cards. I'm going to buy from the company with the best product and the best support for the money. If you want computers to cost more than cars, or you want technology to stagnate, then go ahead and let nvidia rule the market and get rid of competition. Get rid of AMD and let intel be the only company making processors. Samsung can make all of our optical drives and storage products. Once we get rid of all the competition then we can just merge all the companies together. Won't even have to have a catchy name by then. We can just call it the computer company.



damn you guys are good with putting graphics together. that is too cool. hope DC doesn't mind...  ;-)



EVGA was already looking to brach out from it's nvidia only stance. they actually wanted to make ATI cards but AMD said they already had enough partners.

it makes sense that EVGA would simply go with intel instead. 

so while larraby might still suck, at least it will have a good return policy lol

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