Everyone Loves Kindle, Sales Exceed Expectations by 60%



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Because of the really cheap price point, I'm sure lots of them are being purchased as X-mas gifts.



@Msater: If you you connect your Kindle to a PC, the Kindle will appear as a drive. You can then just copy and paste a PDF to the Kindle's Documents folder.



My daughters pooled their resources bought my son an original Kindle several years ago when he was in the Navy and deployed out to sea much of the time. It was the perfect gift for a sailor living in cramped quarters and with no room for books. He loves it still and continues to use it even now while going to school in Chicago. So based on his experience and all of the  rave reviews I purchased a Kindle 3 for my wife who is an avid reader. She has problems holding a book for a long period of time due to nerve damage in her arms and shoulders. I received it yesterday, set it up on our wireless network and immediately purchased several books she wants. It will be wrapped under the tree for her on Christmas morning. My only regret after seeing it is that I did not buy one for myself as well.



I work at Target, we've been sold out of Kindles since last Friday! The only one we have is the expensive DX model.



One word: Oprah



     So I got mine because I wanted to put manga and some books that I have in pdf on it but i havent found an easy way to do it. I know u can do it thru e-mail but I'm looking for an easier. Other then that its great. No more trying to find places to poot all my books :)



(Sorry if this enbds up being a double post)

I got my Wife a Kindle last year. She did not think she would like it as reading from a computer or tablet screen caused fatigue after an hour or so (after all, there is the glossy screen issue and you are also looking into a light). She loves it. She takes it everywhere


Theta Meson

Amazing what happens when you put your device into retail locations and then never fully replenish the supply. 

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