Even Wireless-N Routers are Going Green



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80% made from recycled materials, green.

hardware power on/off switch, green.

hardware wireless of/off switch, more convenient, greener.

89 and 119 bucks.

Whatelse's there that's green besides the price tags? Does it use alternative energy?

This would probably be the next to think of.



It's cool to be able to turn the radio on/off without having to go into the admin settings, but I have to say- metgear's routers aren't as pretty as last generations.  My (somewhat antiquated) netgear wireless-g router and 8 way gigabit switch are the perfect design.  Both have a small footprint, and are white with gray front plates.  They have detatchable verticale stands, or can be stacked horizontaly on top of one antoher, as mine are.  By stacking them, I'm able to use less desk space, and both componants are matched in looks.

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