Even More Windows 7 Features Revealed in Privacy Statement



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am i the only one who notices this but those are the exact same features vista has, all thouse features are in vista ultimate. so how is any of this stuff new? all they really did was change the name of some things and say oh this is new  Homegroup for example is exactly the same thing as file sharing over the network, only diff is they changed the name, gadgets , any one use sidebar latly? games folder, click on the start... i mean "pearl" and then on all programs and :O theres a games folder, Dynamic update, only thing diff about that is now you dont have a choice in wether you get the updates or not you just get force fed them anyways.



Driver protection.....NO THX!  Can you say:  Horrible driver issues? 

Dynamic Update....NO THX!   This is just stupid.....being online during install (for Dynamic Update), with only MS's lame protection...can you say: Infected install?? 

Games Folder...NO THX!  We already have one...it's called Program Files....WHERE ALL programs...game or otherwise should live. 

Home Group....just another word for Local group...wonder how much $$ the new name is gonna cost? 

Gadgets.......NO THX!    Just what every comp need...more CRAP! 

Bit Locker......Not Needed.....if you're the kind of person that is stupid enough to get your' comp stolen....then maybe you shouldn't put sensative data on it!  Just what we need.....something to "slow down" the access times for the slowest component in our comps. 


MS..you got your head up-your-a**,  the ONLY thing thats gonna save your "face"....is release a new XP, with DX10, no audio sleight of hand, and a hardened kernel!   Thats ALL you need to do to win back the crown and your' face!  OH, also, turn OFF all the bells, whistles, and services...by default...the ONLY services that should be ON by default are those.....that allow the comp to boot and the internet to function!   

Almost forgot.....ribbon bars....S*CK.....they are non-intuitive. 


Just release Windows XP Ultimate if your wallets are feeling the crunch....the "people" are NOW wise to your' BS.....form FOLLOWS function, MS, not the other way around!  Get a clue, while you still HAVE a bottom line  !!






 This batch impresses me more than the last batch, however I see this driver thing, while a good idea, the potential source of major headaches. Let's hope it works right.


"There's no time like the future."



So perhaps the OS will ward off (some) blue screens on its own?  My only fear is that this feature will go into overdrive, so if a driver crashes *once* it is treated as a pariah forever...



Innovation is great and i'm all for it, but what exactly was the point of changing the name of Add/Remove programs?  Just making something a different name than it was before isn't any kind of innovation.  Again, I used to be able to use the old version of office with my eyes closed, but now I have to go searching to do even the most insignificant task because the same features are on a different menu, or on a different ribbon (most worthless "innovation" ever).  Change for the sake of change doesn't make things better, it just annoys people and makes them less receptive to the real innovation that is in the new product. 



yeah im probably gonna be moving to linux.

 "•    Driver Protection – Prevents the OS from starting drivers with known stability problems."

 sounds good. but that probably means if its  not signed by microsoft(as with vista, if i download drivers for hardware through windows update....im never able to get drivers from the manufacturer again) then it wont work.

"•    Gadgets – Programs that run on the desktop, likely similar to the likes of Rainlender"
 we already have that with vista. and i dont use them because most of them are useless........

"•    Homegroup – “Allows you to easily link Windows 7 computers on your home network so that you can share pictures, music, videos, documents and devices. It also makes them ready to stream media to devices on your home network such as a media extender.”"

 networking for morons. when by default the computer is part of "workgroup".......change the names for morons. its like flashing bells and whistles infront of a retard.

" •    BitLocker Drive Encryption – encrypts your data, preventing an offline software attacks if your computer is stolen."

sounds good. but when will windows know when my pc is stolen?

i cant help but be pessimistic about this. sorry.



I think they need to come to terms with piracy.


Another suggestion I have is something that plagues me: Some way to gain back your machine if you've lost your windows disk and it is a non-pirated version of windows installed 



Thats a bit like asking the RIAA to give you a new CD if you accidentally delete your ripped MP3s and lose the original disc. Might have been wise to make a backup copy of something as important as an OS install disk.



howabout an 'up one level' button like before? I think they need to make windows more friendly towards power users.



If you're complaining about the Vista explorer address bar, it always contains the directory one level above what your currently viewing.

 People complain that Microsoft doesn't innovate as much as Apple but then complain whenever they slightly modify the behavior of the UI (a co-worker even told me he swore off Vista because he hated that they changed the name of Add/Remove Programs to Programs and Features).

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