Even Astronauts are Stuck with Outlook for Email



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Why are they "stuck" with outlook. I have yet to find a replacement that can do what I can/need to with Outlook. Thunderbird comes close, but if i want to use the calendar function with Windows7 and sync with my google calendar, Thunderbird+Sunbird+sync uses more than twice the ram than outlook+google calendar sync. 

They probably use outlook because it's the best option...


But that being said, I suppose I never considered that the space shuttle would have to do it in packets of email, rather than a constant stream, not being geosyncronous... 


Yogi daBear

The space shuttle Atlantis is currently orbiting the earth?


Uh, no.  There are no shuttles in space today.  Endeavour is scheduled for February, Discovery in March, and Atlantis in mid-May or later.  How much more of this "article" is guesswork? 



"which is being used on the space shuttle Atlantis currently orbiting Earth"

NASA has no shuttles up at this time.





Whoops, should have paid closer attention to the date of the source.

Good catch, and kudos for not being an asshat about it.

-Paul Lilly

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