Eve Online Allows Players to Buy PC Gaming Hardware with In-Game Currency



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"go cursing around the galaxy."

Swearing, now more powerfull than a warp drive.




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First, this may allow "more players with money than time" to fund "players with more time than money", but the fact is it allows players with gobs of real money to buy their way into better stuff. We aren't just talking mounts that are prettier, either, we are talking stuff that makes you more effective in the game. That is called "buying your way to the top", and it stops a game from requiring effort to excel in it.

Second, almost none of the publishers who made their game free to play needed to in order to make the game profitable, they just wanted more money. More money is good, and I wish it for everyone, except when it harms the games (in this scenario) by putting things in like micro transactions for items that effect your in-game abilities, and loading up the servers with a bunch of players too dumb to understand "F2P" isn't free.

I guess the good news for me is I can scratch all these games off my "to do" list. I won't play a game that mixes F2P with subscription on the same servers, and if all the MMOGs go F2P, I'll quit the genre. (It's not like I can't find something to do with my time otherwise.)



You have no idea what you are talking about in relation to EVE Online and the ability to buy better stuff.

You can buy all the stuff you want, but if your character doesn't have the needed skills trained, that equipment is junk. You can't buy your way up the ladder in this game like you can in others. It takes months and months to train up the needed skills for the best ships and equipment.

Furthermore, unlike WoW, when you lose your ship in EVE, it is GONE. Exploded. Nothing left. There is no corpse in space holding all your stuff like there is a corpse in WoW where you can retrieve your gear. There is no way to automajically mail stuff from one town to another in EVE. You have to move it, or pay someone to move it.

I urge you to give EVE online a try. You can do so for 14 days without even typing in a credit card number. It is a great game.

I like this idea of using PLEX to buy something in the real worlds.


Peanut Fox

What does EVE offer in it's micro transaction store that gives players an edge in game?

From my experiences in playing EVE Online, if you have more money than you do talent you're just fodder for those who know what they're doing. Even if you converted PLEX to ISK and used that to fund yourself if you don't know what you're doing you'll just get your ship blown up and it's contents parted out to the next person.




I saw a pilot with a 2.3 billion isk ship go down in seconds in null sec.

I've even read some stories of high-sec only mission runners with very expensive ships being stalked and ganked by pirates just for the fun of it.

If you flash your cash, you will get hunted and killed.



Yeah, EVE is in a class of it's own. I spent plenty of time getting together isk so I could buy my beautiful ship which was promptly shot out from under me. I think the "more money than time" people might also oftem be "more money than sense" people, because if you go flying around in EVE in a flashy new ship and don't have the commensurate skill, you're going to get toasted and robbed. I can absolutely see how ripping off rich kids could become a new sport in EVE.

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