European Court Says Users Can Resell Downloaded Software



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this is actually quite sensible, the current state of electronic media and DRM is set to an older standard and older methods of payments for royalties.

What actually amazes me here is the amount of people taking the side of the millenium act and the RIAA- when in fact we, as people, have lost rights since the introduction of that act in 1999.

will some pirate= yes- some always do- but they do regardless.

most do not. As for the concerns regarding Steam- a content provider such as that could monitor and remove the item from one user when it is installed in another- the software is there- the only reason it is not implemented is because of the publisher.

My physical media I can always resell, and I should be able to resell, trade or give away my electronic media.

how you do that can be worked out- but unfortunalty not under the restrictions of the Millenium act- which prevent such research.



In general this is not a good idea. I can give my friend my CD for free, so can I do the same with digital media? There's also no way of making sure the seller doesn't posses the content anymore, so this essentially makes file sharing legal.

In some cases though this would work, like Steam. They could make a place for users to sell games at a discounted price. Steam would take a percentage of the sale and the files could be deleted from the sellers computer.



Ok, you can sell your downloaded game, but you still have to pay me to get it off my servers.


h e x e n

Yeah, it will be extremely interesting to see how all this transpires. I heard about it yesterday and thought "hmmmmmmm, this has the potential to both suck butt, and be incredibly awesome."

No matter how you look at it though, it really sucks for the distributer, who's services are being used without compensation... unless they take a cut of the sale or trade somehow.



I have a bunch of gamers on my you tube sub list I play people from Russia every so often on Duke Nukem. A good way to make the people happy is reserving the right to do whatever you want to your games.

I don't think alot of people are happy about buying new copies of game for next gen systems.



Valve needs to make Left for Dead 3 already.


Peanut Fox

In other words the EU just brought down a ruling that no one can enforce. It works on an honor system. Just as it did before the ruling.



Meh, all software distributors will do is change their ToS to state that you're just leasing the right to use their program for a limited time and that once that time expires you (or who ever you sell to) will need to renew the license for another period; sort of the way that anti virus subscriptions currently work. In the long run developers will probably actually make more money because of this. Have fun paying a yearly subscription fee to play the games already in your Steam library.



But yet another sane judgement from the courts after the recent New Zealand ruling. Though I bet my right nut that the US courts continue to fondle the testicles of the recording industry.



Good...I'd love to be able to sell some of my used steam games to people I know that don't have a lot of money to pay full price. I don't play them and they just there and go to waste. I'd probably end up using the money to buy more games.



It seems that the EU is leading the way lately in protecting consumers' rights. I hope some of that common sense rubs off on North America.

One can find pirated/cracked software all day long. Meanwhile people who pay for expensive software like Adobe Audition or a game are harassed to no end with "copy protections" and licensing agreements that only serve to frustrate and limit the rights of legitimate customers.



I can't wait until steam allows me to sell or trade used games with friends in system, and takes a ten percent cut of the sale price.
Certainly, I see two situations here. 1) I'm trading with or selling to a friend. I set the price, and should get the full amount in cash, less a simple transaction fee, and 2) I'm done with a game, and want to put it into a used queue for shoppers to see on steam. Presumably, I would set a minimum and an asking price, and when someone buys the game used, a copy pops off the queue, first one to fit the bill, as it were. The amount should be credited to my account, less some larger finders fee+Transaction fee+used game sales tax. Sounds fair to me :)



If Steam takes a 10% cut of the sales price, assuming that Valve were to cave to the will of my state's tax-and-spend government, the additional state sales tax would mean that I'm losing at least 16% of what I was paid. That's extremely brutal.

I don't see why anyone, especially local/state/federal government, feels that we need to pay them tribute for the privilege of being able to sell something. In my state, sales tax was only enacted to pay for a long-since-paid-for construction project. Damn tax-ratcheting.

On a more relevant note, if Steam were to enact both game reselling and their own personal sales tax on said reselling, then I think it'd be prudent for the potential buyer to simply wait for one of the many ridiculously-cheap Steam sales and just buy a "new" copy then.



Far too reasonable and forward thinking! Begone with you!



Steam will pull EU sales before they ever submit to this. One person buys the game and then passes it around to all his friends and family so they all get to play it free, will NEVER happen.



What are you talking about? Steam could just charge you a transaction fee every time you sell a game, be it a percentage of the amount the game license sold for or a minimum amount (like 50 cents.)

Steam would make even more money.

Its the game companies that are going to have to figure out something, Valve included.

Just so we're clear:
Valve = game company
Steam = game distribution company

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