European Commission Nails Intel with Record Setting $1.45 Billion Fine



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This is just the way the EU taxes successful American companies. 

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The European Central Bank is anti-competitive.

Consider this case in point:


France: "We like our Francs!"

ECB: "You can only have the Euro now."



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Has anyone really had a hard time going to Dell, or any other computer manufacturer and were told that they would not offer a competitive AMD chip?  Do I think Intel tried getting their way with these groups?  Sure, of course!  But given the embrassing release of the original Phenom and the lackluster performance of AMD's recent chips, it doesn't really matter.  You can get an AMD chip if that's what you really want from any major manufacturer--they all offer them. 

I personally think this is the only way the EU can bail out France of it's poor labor laws.



 There was a time in America when the same thing happened here but people just ignored it. Dell said people don't want AMD (what a crock) so they would not offer it. I think Intel twisted Dell's arm and gave them "kick backs" "Payola" what ever you wan't to call it to Only sell Intel. IMHO!

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