Europe First to Receive Ion 2-Based Netbook from Asus



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no CD/DVD burner....two things will solve this problem for all the netbook devs.

1.  Include at minimum an 8GB USB key (3.0 spec)

2.  Maximum PC writes a How-To on everything there is to know about making a USB key bootable, and how to burn an ISO to one. Or, The Murph finds a freeware app that convinces the netbook that the USB key is a CD/DVD burner and an app that convinces the netbook owners real computer that the USB key is a CD/DVD.

3.  Most MaxPC readers can manually do this now....but for the general public....


I really, truly hate the new Captchs   lol



I bet that is one snappy little bastard. I have Win7 Home Premium on my Acer AspireOne (the older one) with 1gb of ram, and though I don't have any complaints, I would never scoff at even more performance! I do take my netbook with me 95% of the time, so it sees way more action than my 17in notebook with 3gb of ram (also running 7).

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