Eurocom's Phantom 4.0 Mobile Server is Powerful, Pricey



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I've never heard of a server laptop, or rather a laptop marketed as a server. I can see where it would be good as an ad-hoc server, but relying on this as your everyday server? Not so much, and a blade server costs a lot less. Reliability is a big question mark 48GB, a RAID array and dual Xeons aren't really suitable for a notebook/laptop. What about takes a little bit of time to remove a blade server, it takes nearly no time to take a laptop.

btw, Windows 7 is not a suitable server OS (even though Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 are *closely* related like other MS desktop/server versions), and VMWare is just virtualization of an OS (or OSes), and not an OS by itself.



and the battery lasts for how long????? much more than 5 minutes at full power

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