Eurocom Launches 11.6-inch 'Monster' Gaming Laptop for Around 800 Bones



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I'm in Love with this computer, It's what Iv'e been looking for! Back when Netbooks still where the "big thing!", I wanted the Asus 1215n Netbook "closest Netbook to gaming". It was light, small, and fair battery life but the performance just wasn't there. Ion and "Ion2", really just being the same thing just with optimus technology, was barely enough to play Team Fortress in mid settings. But Eurocom's new contender is just what I want,for only being 4 pounds, good battery life, and actually play my Steam library is what I want. Don't get me wrong, I love full gaming laptops...but when taking them to School and having to carry 10pounds and another pound for the battery block, just to play games for a few minutes isn't fun, specially when not counting your actual school books you have to carry as well.



Looks pretty good, but -

I think they could have gone with a 1920x1200 screen, like some of the 10" tablets are starting to have (tablets that cost significantly less money, I might add).

In my opinion, the 1366x768 is a terrible screen dimension, worse than the 16:9 of the "720p" screens. The only reason I see to go for a wider screen is that it fits the size of the keyboard you decided on, but frankly I don't think it's worth it, a 15.6" notebook with a 16:9 screen is too short for my tastes.



The Corrupted One

I want one.



$800 is still a bit much for a 11" laptop.

I was interested until I read "Intel". Pass.

Throw a Trinity based APU.....heck even Llano would work, a 7700M(that's still overkill for 11" notebook Res) and you would have a power efficient little workhorse.

EDIT; and it would be about $300 cheaper that this.



True, but the upgrade ability point won't be as good as this little bad boy for everything is costomizable, and is very upgradeable in the long run. Sure the GPU would be considered overkill for a basic computer's standpoint, but I personally prefer the lower res 11 inch laptop because that means more FPS, and battery life on the go, and also meaning a longer lifespan on the road after newer games become more damanding.



That's the best graphics card I've ever seen in a laptop of that cost. I bet that graphics card/price won't become the norm for at least another 6 months.

As for the OS, there are ways to get around the cost.


Major Dilly

What's a bone?



A bone could be "one of the hard parts of the skeleton of a vertebrate" or slang for "dollar," according to Merriam-Webster. There's a good chance I was referring to the slang definition, but you never know.

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