EU Grows Skeptical of Browser Ballot



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 Does Apple offer a "choice" to these people other than Safari?........didn't think so. I know IE is tied to the OS but something tells me it has more to do with cash and market share.



  Like most people care. Anyone notice that the European Union goes after US companies? What about a huge wacking fine against, say, AIRBUS who has been getting huge amounts of illegal goverment money for years. But no, it is against MS and Intel. 

EU, we can always just not SELL to you, y'know. Develop your own microprocessors and operating systems and leave us alone!



 "No fair! Microsoft is cheeting Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom"

Kids these days.

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Oh my!!!!

Microsoft bundled Calculator with Windows 7!!!! How is the maker of Mathematica going to compete?!?!?




mattman059 solution to this is to install multiple browsers, and try them all out...I've given IE, FF, and Chrome an equal chance (screw Safari and Opera..bitches) and I've decided on Chrome.



Man this is getting old, i know MS, build a completely new browser call "Choice" and make the only page it displays the different choices browsers that you can choose.   I mean really people they could just not have a browser bundled with 7 at all and include a free disk of IE with every copy sold.  Stop fucking bitching about your market share and settle with the fact that IE will always be number one with the public and anyone else that wants something different or better will use their god given common since to research it and find what suits them.



Actually, thats what MS wanted to do, but the EU cried about that also. They weren't happy unless MS gave a choice of browsers, and now that they do.... they still aren't happy. Sometimes, even if it hurts you to do it, you have to man up and tell someone to go fuck themselves.



Just reading the whiners complain about the whiners.



Oh come on. This is getting ridiculous. No, it's beyond ridiculous. For the majority of users who don't see the benefit in browsers other than the one that comes on their computer, IE is all they'll ever need. Sure it's bulky and bloaty, but it's good enough and works fine for someone who doesn't want to do any sort of setup. If at any point in their surfing they decide they're tired of it, they don't need a survey to download a couple of free browsers. Hell, just read a review or two. These "threatening" and "confusing" questions likely only seem threatening to Mozilla because they can't stomach the fact that IE is just the most convenient choice to the majority of borderline computer-literate users out there.



Seriously, is this ever going to end? The EU reminds of that little crybaby spoiled brat that screams bloody murder until it they get what they want, only to scream more because it wasn't delivered exactly the way they wanted it. Having a browser ballot alone if more than any other company would be asked or willing to do. I can't wait to see who is next on the EUs chopping block. Its pretty funny that all the little nations on the playground couldn't stand up for themselves so they decided to make a gang so they would feel more powerful. And thats all this is, a school yard gang trying to flex their muscles and act like badasses.




Those companies won't stop whining until IE has its icon removed and put at the end of the ballot.

Time for all the other browsers to cry, complain and whine through lawsuits and Europe until they have their way.



I love it.  The whiners here complaining about what the EU does in their own countries.  If US companies don't want to comply, then don't do business in the EU.  How many time have I seen the posts here that defend all manner of stupid rules that companies lay down because it's their IP or program or whatever, so the company has the right to do anything they want.  Well the EU is a union of countries, they can do what ever they want.  If you don't like it, take your crap and go home!

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