EU Gives Intel's Acquisition of McAfee Its Blessing



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I laugh when I see or hear that someone is using and putting faith into McAfee (or Norton). I get this urge to stand in front of the shelves containing either or whenever I'm at a store that sells it, and hand out URLs for Avast or AVG's download pages :p.



its bad enough that Mcafee is bloatware on every pc on earth


now you are going to bundle it with every set of chipset drivers so you can not avoid this damn crappy software at all.

You mark my words, now when you go to instal the drivers for your motherboard, you will be getting this software shoved down your throat as OEM software for driver support.


I spend hours after a build ditching crappy software like this that gets bundled with support software included with motherboards and dvd rom drives. This can not end well for anybody. Have you ever tried to remove it? honestly its like a STD for your PC, it just wont go away!

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