ESPN Seeks Immunity From Wireless Data Caps



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Any guesses that threatening ESPN over the internet is part of the deal? Verizon must make a good chunk of change with video FIOS and with one of the few channels that need to be realtime not needing "cable", they would see those subscriptions fall pretty quick.



Never mind ESPN for a minute here, for me, this story only highlights the fact that for years wireless carriers are allowed to charge their customers huge fees for basically doing nothing more than beaming a signal out. Can someone in the wireless industry explain to me why the wireless delivery of voice, data packets cost so much? No moving parts. Computers, routers and multiplexers do all the work. The only thing that costs them is maintenance of said delivery systems. I am sure all the equipment and infrastructure has been bought and paid for about 1,787,000 times over. What is it? Unions? Shareholders? FCC regulations? What?


The Mac

Maintenance, Electricity, Personnel, Tower space rental, advertising, capital outlay, etc..

believe me, its not cheap.



Except in every other country except the US. Even in places with higher non-CEO labor rates.



NO! Evil!

If this crap is allowed (not counting towards bandwidth meter) then what happens next is that companies (consumers) then pay for the "fast lane".

So yeah bye bye Net neutrality if this allowed. :(

Small companies and free services would die fast because they could not compete with the "big boys".



"It's a potential win-win-win situation..."

I disagree completely. It would be a huge loss for (non-ESPN) consumers. Like Eoraptor said, this spells the end of net neutrality for wireless (if there was any to begin with). This will allow big companies to keep smaller competitors down by paying their way to success, instead of innovating.


Renegade Knight

It's a huge loss for us all. It's exactly why net neutrality has become such a big issue.



I would say this isn't even a win for ESPN. They are allowing the two biggest telecoms to fleece them just to get around data caps that shouldn't even be.



There is so much profit in cell technology it almost makes me sick.



And thus dies Internet Neutrality for wireless. When they could be calling for a loosening or end to caps, instead ESPN seeks to make sure that it (and probably it alone) has a leg up on the competition with constrained customers.

How many more companies will follow suit, leaving smaller, capped content providers to languish and die on the vine of data rates?

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