ESET Nod32 Antivirus 7 and Smart Security 7 Blasts Into Beta



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I still think hands down Comodo is the way to go for the price (even for any price). You can't beat their sandbox and firewall. Unmatched!!



Why does the ESET link point to the DayZ tag?



maybe as a joke about Zombies (zombies could be made by a virus, EST kills viruses ... virii ... whatever).

Maybe? :D



If I remember correctly, Norton came out on top in this years round up. If you are looking at free, Avast took top honors.



Will NOD32 catch keygens? I don't like that. They aren't viruses, they are cool little programs with midi sounding mp3 music.

Seeing the name NOD32 always reminds me of Norton Disk Doctor 32-bit..



Back when Windows 7 came out, the recommended AV was actually Microsoft Security Essentials, it was free and had the least resource load. Is that still the case nowadays? I used to use Norton package (AV+firewall) but got fed up with it slowing down the computer to a grind, so when I built my W7 computer I switched to MSE and just the MS firewall, and really haven't missed Norton since then (though maybe I have some hidden virus in my computer that MSE doesn't detect)



We've been using ESET v4.x since MPC's roundup from a few years ago (we switched from Symantec Endpoint Protection to ESET because of this article). Runs just fine on Windows 7, catches all kinds of stuff, and have been extremely happy with it.

But crap, they're on v7 now? I really need to get caught up in versions :(



Anyone correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard that Security Essentials has started to slack recently and it really isn't the best anymore. I've sort of been thinking about switching AV software so maybe this might be the time to do it.

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