Epson Excites HTPC Fans with Endeavor ST120 (But There's a Catch...)



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I'd like to see an HTPC built on top of a customized mobile platform. I imagine a company could sufficiently cover all the bases: form factor, noise, heat dissipation. And let's not forget power (this is MaxPC after all). Certainly an HTPC of this ilk wouldn't best one built off of a desktop platform, but what desktop system a) fits in your entertainment center and b) does drown out the audio with its whining turbine of a fan. I suppose you could go water cooling, but then my first point becomes even more of a problem.

Still, I think the comment regarding cable cards is spot on. Until the anti-consumer practices of the the media industry can be tamed by the PC industry this market is going nowhere.


Keith E. Whisman

Please if your going to build it for the USA then please use an ATI or Nvidia graphics chip. There are some very cheap yet powerful graphics chips available that accellerate HD video and allow for gaming. 



Meh, the podcast is right, HTPCs are nowhere until they get the CableCard worked out. Any rumors of this coming at CES?





Japan gets all the really good stuff don't they? I still want a panasonic gamecube...

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