Epic: Photo-Realistic Graphics Still 10-15 Years out of Reach



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I thought we were all going to die in 2012?!  NOW what do I do with all that spam and powdered milk I was saving?


Seriously, though, we aren't that far off.  Look at Crysis, when every leaf is rendered individually, do you really need much more? (Although ten to fifteen years ago I'm sure they were saying the same thing about games like doom) 



ok, it sounds like this might be the biggist it will get but think about it. I can't wait for the day when games use particles, like atoms. Instead of a texture being painted onto a flat surface, have trillions of little particles, represent a sandy beach. This would bring a TRULY destructable environment. imagine that. a rocket hits a piece of plywood and the thousands of splinters go everywhere, bounce off walls, and DON'T disapear after a few seconds. after a war it would actually look like a war just happened, not just a black circle on the ground representing where a tank shell just landed. Waves would be so realistic. so what if a picture LOOKS like a picture, I want the enviroment to be real, that would be amazing.



hasn't photo realism been achieved already? Look at half life 2 lost coast. And that is with dx 9 !



My question is, what will happen once games do reach the photorealistic mark.  Once it can be done with a single gpu, then there will be no more need for SLI/Crossfire.  It's bound to happen sooner or later.  The only people who will be running multiple GPU's at some point will only be running them to use more monitors. 


I Jedi

Who says SLI/Crossfire won't be obsolete long before we reach that point? Got to remember that the computer industry is ALWAYS changing. The newest technology that we, the consumers, get is almost always outdated from the very newest out there. One day a single GPU may be totally enough power to handle video games five or 10-years down the road.



my guess is goignto be once we have photo real GPUs that the future GPU upgrades will be some sort of AI card. A Dedicated GPU/Physics/AI solution



I'd rather see excellent path-finding, smart AI (so npcs don't have to use "cheats"), and innovative use of multiplayer, than photo-realism. I guess of all of these, the AI will be the very last we get...

I'd probably be willing to go back to Legend of Zelda 1 style graphics for a game that had those other features.



I agree...FEAR had the best AI of most games i've seen. I like the L4D Director though, picks good surprising times. 

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



Hopefully by then the storylines will be much better than the photorealistic Final Fantasy.



Will realistic graphics become too gruesome for people to enjoy FPS games?



 Beleive it or don't, I personally liked the second Unreal graphics engine a lot. Just something about it. Nostalgia maybe.





Where's a human cryogenic incubator when you need it?

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