Epic’s Mark Rein: “It’s a Myth That We’ve Abandoned PC”



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I agree completely with DoctorX. And to add to it, the people that do actually pirate games is because of the fact that no one really makes a good quality game anymore. Any game that comes out on console and the PC, the PC gets screwed out of the deal because its a crappy console port. We dont want that. If your going to make a game for the PC as well as the consoles, have a seperate team for PCs and do it right. Stop releasing broken, console ported games.

The whole piracy thing is a crutch and it goes back to the paragraph above. If the game is going to be crap and its a crappy port and it has ZERO replayability and the multiplayer is lacking, then there is no interest in the title. With that being said pirates dont intend on purchasing the game anyway so how is that a loss in profit? It isnt. They werent going to buy it to play a 6 hour single player and never touch it again. This is largely the reason piracy is so high.

@Ulrigh, the reason EPIC doesnt bring GoW to PC isnt because of Microsoft, its because they use the excuse as the console market is larger. Many gamers like myself have kick ass PCs to play great looking/great story driven games like GoW and we get left in the dark. If it wasnt for PC's consoles woudlnt exist. GoW 1 was released on the PC about a year or two AFTER the console version and it contained GFWL. Its a great game and I play it all the time. The GoW series really needs to be released on the PC instead of 360 only.

The only reason I keep my Xbox around is for Gears of War and to be honest Id love to get rid of it.



They could just use Dedicated servers like DICE did for BC2 on PC... for the multiplayer anyway. Instead they release GoW1 with P2P, GFWL, and it's still a $50 price tag even now.



Why does everyone use the excuse of piracy?  Nathan, I am not sure how old you are, but obviously you do not have your facts straight.  Us oldtimers have been here before the PC came about and know the true story.  I have bought Epic games since unreal and have rebought them on Steam.  My problem is if it isnt on Steam, I will not buy it anymore. Piracy as you say is rampant for two reasons, the quality of the games have dived and require patch after patch to even work correctly.  The death of the Demo.  i will not buy a game if i dont know if it is going to work or not. Honestly, there would be more legit purchases if you could return the software if it doesnt work, but the software comoanies have bullied all the stores that once you bought the software, your stuck.  Back in the day, I use to load demos all the time, and bought my fair share of games. (Diablo was one of them).  But I would not buy a game that i didnt try the demo first.  This just doesnt happen today.  You can spend $60 on a game and go to load it and it wont work.  You go get help, and it falls on deaf ears.  

 One other reason for the decline of pc sales (Steam notwithstanding): DRM.  It has gotten so bad, i have had to rebuild my pc on more than one occasion due to DRM.  True Steam had DRM, but it doenst affect me much.  I can load my games anywhere and reload countless times, all i need is my signon.  While not perfect, I can live with it.  I cannot tolerate DRM screwing up my pc.  This is the real reason for the lack of purchases and the rise of piracy.  You download a DRM free version and you dont have that DRM crap on your pc.  And dont give me crap about malware.  Run a real AV (like nod32) and you dont have the problem.  I have encountered no more than 10% malware in 15 years.  Good AV stopped it everytime.  I no longer pirate.  Havent in years actually.  I have several $1000 purchased on Steam and will only buy from there from now on.

To Sum up:

 Piracy is a cop out... the software companies force draconian DRM on users and those users just go elsewhere to get the software.  (Assassin's Creed 2 anyone?)  What is never discussed is the DRM companies have luxurious agreements with these software companies.  This is not about protecting IP, it is about lining pockets through backroom deals.  Piracy is a convenient problem that is exploited.  Consoles have just as much if not worse piracy than PC.  It is just that easy to crack. 

 I never bought Gears of War because it wasnt released on Steam.  Epic?


Just my opinion.. 



Gears of War 2 and 3 aren't coming to PC because of MS... not because of Epic, that is one of the reasons they are happy that they are almost done with the Gears contract with MS. They are losing a ton of money not having Gears multiplatform.


I doubt you will see anything exclusive for the 360 anymore from Epic.

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